Bobbie's Healings consist of a combination of Reiki, Crystal, Shamanic and Sound.

Using her intuition she will be guided in what she feels you need unless you have a specific request.

Healings can take anywhere from 45mins to an 1&1/2 hrs.


Energy exchange is $120 




Bobbie is a mix of different types of the Clairs(Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant, Clairsentient, Claircognizance)& mediumship.

Using oracle cards & crystals she intuitively brings in messages through guides and loved ones past.


Energy exchange is $100  



Distant Healings

Distant Healings consist of sending healing to a recipient via Distant Reiki energy techniques.

Creating a crystal grid, sending crystal and reiki energy, using crystal sound bowls you can recieve this energy anywhere in the world.

You recieve a write up of the healing and messages that come through, also pictures taken of the crystal grid which is created only for you.

This process can take anywhere from 2 to 4hrs including the setup.


Energy investment is $100




Lemurian Crystal Merkabah Activations

These special unique activations are for those who are ready for quite a powerful healing that takes you on a journey into the stars and then connects you back into this earthly plane.


Sitting within Bobbie's wooden Star of David  that is gridded with Lemurian seeded crystals and connected to the Lemurian Archangels, Bobbie works on healing the lines of your own energetic Merkabah. Healing the energetic flow and clearing blockages so that your energetic systems flow smoothly and empower your health, emotional & spiritual systems to shine.


Energy exchange is $120  

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